My name is Sasja van der Vaart-Verschoof and I am the Overdressed Archeologist & Editor. In December 2017 I completed my PhD on the Early Iron Age elite burials of the Low Countries, and I currently work as a freelance editor and independent researcher while I pursue a post-doc grant to continue my research into the elite networks of Early Iron Age Europe. In June 2018 I won the Joseph Déchelette European Archaeology Prize for my dissertation Fragmenting the Chieftain, and am using the prize money to fund new research. My current research project revolves around the exceptionally rich Fürstengrab of Frankfurt-Stadtwald, which I am in the process of analyzing. At present I can frequently be found working as an academic editor for Sidestone Press, where I benefit greatly from being an English native speaker (thanks to my American mother). I am currently also an active member of the program committee for the annual meeting of archaeologists in the Netherlands the ‘Reuvensdagen’, while also working on a number of books for old colleagues from the Faculty of Archaeology of Leiden University. Welcome to this website where I share my passion for archaeological finds, family and fashion. For more about me and my work as archeological consultant, researcher & editor as well as posts on more personal matters, please check out this website, my social media or contact me via e-mail on Sasja@vanderVaart-Verschoof.com.


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