My name is Sasja van der Vaart-Verschoof and I am the Overdressed Archeologist.

I have a PhD in archeology, and I am a native speaker English and professional freelance editor, specialized in (copy-)editing and translating archeological texts. As someone who enjoys diverse work, I always have a series of active commercial projects. Trained in graphic design, I also frequently work for Sidestone Press, doing lay-out work and designing books. As you can see on this website, I occasionally also dabble in modeling.

In 2017 I won the Joseph Déchelette European Archaeology Prize for my dissertation Fragmenting the Chieftain on the Early Iron Age elite burials of the Low Countries. I am absolutely fascinated by the elite burials of this time period and the contact across Europe that they represent. I am in the process of analysing the exceptionally rich Fürstengrab of Frankfurt-Stadtwald. I also recently received a small research grant to conduct isotope analyses of the Iron Age burials of Oss. Recently I worked part-time as assistant-curator of the Prehistory Collection of the Dutch National Museum of Antiquities, creating the highly succesful Doggerland. Lost World in the North Sea exhibition and book.

I am passionate about my work, and believe archeology is not only of crucial importance but also incredibly fun and fascinating. As such I have developed a strong interest in using social media to share the wonders of archeology. I believe it is imperative to show that archeology is not some old and dusty field, but actually cutting-edge science and crucially important to understanding the human condition. More than that―It’s fun and fascinating, and in my opinion just a little bit sexy!

Welcome to this website where I share my passion for archaeological finds, family and fashion. For more about me and my work as an archeologist, editor and model, as well as posts on more personal matters such as mental health, please check out this website, my social media or contact me via e-mail on Sasja@vanderVaart-Verschoof.com