Isobel Gelman came into my life a couple of years ago through a mutual friend and has become one of my best buds. Originally from Sweden, they moved to Utrecht some 5 years ago because they like us Dutchies, and they’re literally allergic to cold which makes living in Sweden unpleasant, to say the least. They’re a quirky vegan nerd, obsessed with Twin Peaks and Doctor Who, addicted to Fall Out, a loving cat parent and an incredibly loyal friend.

In addition to being one of my best mates, they’re also an incredibly talented artist. While they dabble in more traditional forms of artistic expression like drawing and sculpting, their preferred medium is digital painting and you won’t believe the things that this genius can do in Photoshop. For example, not only did they design the birth announcement card for the Kid, they even then went and used her image to paint her as a Jedi baby for my nerd husband’s first father’s day!

Their handy work can be seen in the wonderful logo they created for my business, and I hire them on a regular basis to design flyers and posters. They also designed the Restorer Friend’s business logo, by the way, my other bestie who you can read about here.

They have also been a pleasure to collaborate on archeological reconstructions with (see this blog post). Recently these have become some of their favorite art pieces to do as they combine their love of art with their love of history and their enjoyment of learning new things. It amazes me how they can take the few details I can glean from the fragmentary remains of a 3000-year-old burial, and turn it into a colorful image full of life and detail. I can’t wait to see what they create next (and yes, that is a teaser for something we’re collaborating on).

Please go check out their portfolio for more of their amazing artwork, and by all means go show this creative soul some love!